Our skilled employees have years of experience in the process industry. This has made them exceptionally familiar with the issues and challenges within companies in our field of expertise.

To preserve the integrity, safety and cost efficiency of your installation, a thorough but also pragmatic support is a must. Our services include:

  • Giving advice regarding laws and regulations, permits and other guidelines
  • Training and education for technicians in the field of pressure equipment
  • Drawing up procedures, technical specifications or company standards
  • Perform technical audits of manufacturers or suppliers
  • Conduct studies (residual life, failure mechanism, the appropriate investigations, RBI, etc.)
  • Drawing up policy documents, inspection strategies and multiannual plans
  • Development and implementation of inspection management systems
  • Execution of damage assessment and drawing up repair advice
  • Preparation for and/of support during audits by e.g. regulatory or legal authorities
  • Advice regarding (im) possibilities of NDT techniques 
  • Drawing up quality‑ or inspection plans on behalf of new building and/or housing developments, plant relocations - or modification projects.
  • Organisation / coordination of inspection teams for turnarounds, inspection and/or new construction projects

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