About Us

H & R Inspection Management is an independent inspection company that, from its founding on in 1998 has specialized in the field of pressure equipment.

Most of our certified professionals have over 20 years of experience with pressure equipment in the process industry. This has resulted in us becoming an inspection company unparalleled in the Netherlands.

Our experience and skills not only are available to our clients in the process industry, but also to the various supervisory government agencies. We are thoroughly familiar with all of the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to our field of business. This proficiency enables us to apply our know-how and expertise optimally in order to best serve our clients. 

H & R Inspection Management is one of the few inspection companies in the Netherlands that has its own certified IKT3, LPI and MLT inspectors.

Our employees form a solid team which recognizes integrity, commitment and security as being of overriding importance in this highly specialized and demanding field. 



H & R Inspection Management strives to make a substantial and active contribution to the integrity of the process industry, with the emphasis on:

  • Quality              
  • Continuity
  • Unburdening
  • Optimization

The prime focus of our services and expertise is that our clients have integer, reliable and safe process equipment, which leads to higher availability of their process installations and having their maintenance costs optimized.

At all times all of our services are rendered in complete compliance with all legal-, Licence to Operate, business and SHEQ requirements.

To realize this objective we work, where possible, from a project-based approach. This enables us to offer our services as a complete package that maximally unburdens your organization.

Because we limit ourselves to what we are good at, we provide qualitatively high-calibre services, based on one team of skilled, certified and committed people. This ensures continuity and a managed growth of our company and our clients.

This is what our clients value.

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