Inspection Services

Performing inspections throughout the complete lifecycle of pressure equipment is the heart of our services. The various services we perform for our clients are:


Construction/New Building phase

  • The drafting of Test and Inspection plans on behalf of new building construction, relocations or new equipment.
  • Carrying out inspections and assessments related to new building construction, relocations or new equipment [weld inspections/audits, WPS/WPQ's, (material) inspections, entry checks/certification checks, etc.].
  • The preparation and execution of inspection before the final inspection prior to the occupation of new buildings, or the commissioning of new installations or equipment (KVI).


In-Use phase

  • The drafting of reassessment plans (written schemes) and inspection drawings on the basis of legislation and (potential) failure mechanisms.
  • The drafting of Test and Inspection plans on behalf of alterations and repairs and performing the indicated reviews and inspections.
  • Carrying out inspections in the context of the periodic reassessment, on call, but also as inspection projects involving entire process plants. This may include third party coordination (e.g. scaffolding, insulation, preservation, NDT)
  • Create and coordinate inspection teams for Turnarounds, relocations and other inspection projects.
  • The preparation of management reports as a result of inspection projects (e.g. corrosion underneath insulation, transport pipelines, outside battery limit piping, etc). Also, incorporated in these reports will be suggestions for a multiyear maintenance strategy of the pressure equipment or the complete process plant installations.

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