Our clients are increasingly shifting their focus towards the primary aspects of their business, which is gradually diminishing their specific knowledge of pressure equipment. This is creating a rising demand for individuals having the know-how and experience of dealing with an integrated approach to the management of pressure equipment.

Because H & R Inspection Management meets the above requirements, we are optimally suited to help these companies by alleviating this burden, and together with those that we assist in this manner, we give meaning to a responsible "Licenses to Operate".

For several companies we already carry out these management tasks. 

We manage, for example:  

  • Pressure equipment in the process and (petro) chemical industry and paper industry
  • Transport pipelines (underground and above ground) at industrial sites
  • Civil Engineering Works parts, such as sewers, impermeable floors, tank pits, steel structures etc.

Our approach often results in a further increase of management tasks for our clients. Usually, this creates a combination of the above-mentioned management tasks, leading to a more efficient approach.

Experience has shown this makes us an ideal partner for companies in the process industry.

From the emergence of H&R Inspection Management in 1998, our approach focuses on a project-based strategy. This allows us to optimally deploy our employees and thus relieve our clients. As mentioned before, these services are performed in accordance with applicable legal requirements and we provide where necessary regulatory approvals. To smoothly support the companies for these working areas, we therefore only work with permanent experienced and certified (senior) inspectors.

All the work we carry out independently or, if so desired integrated into your own (inspection) organization. Our aim is to offer our clients a project-based total package.

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